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Also Serving Westminster, Boulder, and Highlands Ranch

Do you want to find a safer option to cigarettes? Vape pens and e-cigarettes can offer you a tobacco-free alternative to smoking. At Mile High Pipe & Tobacco, we are a vape shop and e-cig shop that sells high-end smoking accessories in the Denver, CO, area.

Why a Vape Pen

One of the biggest draws for a vape pen is the infinite number of options you have. Not only can you customize the look of your vape pen at our vape store, but you can also choose the amount of vapor output. Vape users also enjoy having control over the level of nicotine in their vape, from nicotine-free to a high dose.
Our vapor store also stocks tons of flavors. With a vape pen, you can use an e-liquid that is flavored like your favorite food, fruit, beverage, dessert, or something else entirely. You can even mix flavors.

The vape pens in our vapor shop are generally larger than an e-cigarette, so they last longer.

Why an E-Cigarette
Many customers that shop at our e-cig store choose e-cigarettes because they look more like a traditional cigarette. But that isn’t the only perk customers enjoy. Customers in an e-cigarette shop are drawn to the pre-filled cartridges of e-cigarettes. These cartridges make refilling easier and cleaner.

The e-cigarettes sold in our e-cigarette store are generally smaller than vape pens, so the battery usually doesn’t last as long.

Why Mile High Pipe & Tobacco

The smoking accessories that we sell at Mile High Pipe & Tobacco are crafted by local and international artists alike. We also offer smoking products that can fit into every budget. You don’t need hundreds of dollars to get set up with a vape pen or e-cig.

Visit one of our locations in Denver, Westminster, Boulder, or Highlands Ranch, or call us at 303-295-7473 to learn how you can make the switch to a safer, healthier you.

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